• Technology

    ObjectVerse Fusion platform is state of the art information repository intended to cover all organization needs.

    Several vertical interconnected modules offer scalable private or public cloud based solution with highest possible interactivity.

    Complete information management, central data management and full access control are just some of the functionality offered by the system out of the box.


    ObjectVerse Fusion is Spring 3.0. MVC based and can run within any Java EE server. It is scalable and can run in cloud cluster or individual web server, depending of the customer architecture.

    Database support

    ObjectVerse Fusion is using hibernate extensively and has its own database verification tool. Currenty Oracle, MSSQL, Postgresql, DB/2 are supported as also migration system.

    High interaction and exceptional response times of user interfaces are at level of desktop applications. More, with use of Adobe AIR technology, ObjectVerse can become a desktop application, but also is a web application.

    Strict separation of  data level from application level, enables also direct access to information through JSON communication and web services as SOA architecture.

    Built upon sophisticated modern tools ObjectVerse Fusion enables contextual search no matter the information type, contextual link building, communication between system users, versioning and tracing information. These properties put ObjectVerse in the line of most sophisticated information management systems available.