• Mail book

    Easy access to all incoming and outgoing mail can significantly help to have better overview on your customers mailing. 

    Mail book helps you to easily prepare printing envelopes and other postal documents to label each mail with a number and equip it with an unique timestamp, generated at the moment when the user processes the mail and enters the data into the system.The timestamps play an important role when receiving paper applications, where the post should reach the address up to a certain time.

    The Mail book is the first step of the received document on its path through the company and, therefore, also serves as the entry point. From here the document is sent through the organization following a workflow of the predefined workflows.

    The same is also valid for all outgoing documents which are registered, ensuring the traceability of the process when, at a later time, search is necessary and evidence is needed.

    • Direct documents access

    This tab has icon in it.

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