• PO - Project Office

    ObjectVerse Fusion Project Office is higly scalable and customizable project management system allowing teams to operate according to their needs. 

    Consisting of agile and classical project management components it can easily be adjusted to suit any possible workflow and methodology.

    Complete project lifecycle

    To support the needs of a project team from the beginning to the end ObjectVerse Project Office covers all stages of a project management. More - it is tightly integrated with other ObjectVerse modules to allow teams to collaborate with internal social network, document management system and collaboration suite.


    Project specification management

    Early stages of a project are covered with document templates where initial set of ideas and request are collected. Each change is safely stored withing ObjectVerse document system allowing users to work on the same documents.


    Through brainstorming generated ideas can be easily collected and evaluated for later initial set of features or specifications.

    User requests, features, bugs

    Planned work can be collected through user requests, new features and bugs, which can be collected with the help of a ObjectVerse HelpDesk system. All this creates a featurefull controlled project environment where work can be planned, evaluated and resolved.



    Milestone and release management




    Agile project management




    Collaborative workspace






    Project Management

    Team Workspace

    Business processes and management





    Automated services

    Integrated with ObjectVerse SocialStream. Dependent projects

    • Agile project management (Scrum, eXtreme Programming, Spiral, Lean)
    • Classic project management (Waterfall)