• CRM - Customer Relationship Management

    Ever changing markets demand highly flexible sales processes and skilled sales personnel. Connecting social media, email marketing, web intelligence and call centers with internal knowledge is an extreme advantage over the competition. Sharing each information within a team makes organizational sales field complete.

    ObjectVerse Fusion CRM enables sales teams to operate extremely efficient and offers on demand information retrieval for your full marketing and sales automation. It brings an opportunity to every sales team to optimize and monitor its sales process.

    Easy information sharing and collaborative approach will generate sales opportunities, having your customers constantly in contact. Dynamic system and parametrization will allow fast reactions to market changes and maintaining your sales strategy thought your organization.

    ObjectVerse Fusion CRM will not just connect your sales team, but will offer offer necessary information on all levels. Furthermore all necessary business information about customers is accessible to the sales personnel, which may adjust the sales strategy according to the type of client. 

    Centralized customer management

    The tight integration between the CRM and the ERP systems, enable sharing of important data, which minimizes the redundancy of entered data. All information is accessible as soon as it is entered into the system. 


    Access your data from adjustable dashboards and have complete overview on your sales process in the forms of interactive charts and tables. 

    Targets, Leads and Contacts

    Do you have a list of emails or contacts and would like to send them an email. It is never been easier to do that. ObjectVerse Fusion can handle XML, Excel or other data interchange types.

    Targets can be contacted through campaigns, where unique ObjectVerse Fusion tracker system can extract various information from target interaction and upgrade it to the lead and set appropriate context to notify your sales team about the target interests automatically. When converted to lead all target context will be also available to your sales team.

    Converted targets or leads, generated in some other way, can be easily used in your marketing campaigns. In case of any interaction the system will log relevant data to equip your sales team with appropriate information.

    The same applies to contects which are connected to specific account. All collaboration from the target and lead phase is preserved in a context.

    Note, meeting and Reminders Management

    For the sales personnel it is crucial to record every information, which can be later presented in the form of contextual information on all linked documents. This guarantees that all the activity history for a specific customer is saved, and also generates reminders for the planned activities.


    When any business document is exchanged with a customer it is issued to an account - which can also be directly created from lead.


    Real opportunities generated on the market are stored into the system by sales personnel. The Opportunity Management is thus one of the most important processes in your sales allowing consequent reactions on the market changes. 

    ObjectVerse Fusion manages complete lifecycle of the opportunity from its start to the end. Advanced monitoring, calendar integration and agents guarantee that you have your opportunities completely under control.

    Opportunities can be supplemented with pre-sale and after-sale activities, as also analyzed for the positive or negative closed opportunities.

    At the end it is of huge importance that no opportunity is forgotten. 

    Offers and Orders

    As part of ERP module, Orders and Offers are also part of CRM module. This phase offers you complete overview over your sales.


    Most organizations access the market through well prepared marketing campaigns, which are results of desired marketing plans. In ObjectVerse Fusion, users can monitor leads and opportunities generated with each campaign, which helps to prepare corrections of sales plans and optimization of sales business processes.

    Campaigns can be of several types:

    • direct call
    • emails campaign
    • social network campaigns

    Any leads created through campaign will give you relevant data about effectiveness of your marketing strategy. Campaigns can also be prepared together with our marketing service to best suit your individual marketing needs and evaluate your strategy.


    At last for specific customer a contract can be prepared and entered into the system. With contract module you will be able to easy pre fill contract templates prepared in Microsoft Word or HTML. Prepared document can also be saved into the document tree.